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FBI, Mexican Authorities Arrest Fugitive in Connection with 2014 Double Murder at Watsonville Motel

FBI agents and Mexican law enforcement officers on Tuesday arrested a man in connection with gunning down a Watsonville child at a motel last year.

The suspect, identified as Brandon Ruiz Martinez, was nabbed in Zinapecuero and deported to the United States early Wednesday. Watsonville police detectives now have him in custody, according to a news release.

Ruiz Martinez was allegedly involved in a shooting at a Watsonville Valley Inn on Oct. 10, 2014 that killed Ramon Rendon, a 33-year-old gang member. However, some rounds also entered a nearby restaurant, injuring a man and killing 4-year-old Jaelyn Zavala.

Authorities have since arrested two shooters, six co-conspirators, and one person who aided and abetted a suspect after the double murder. Ruiz Martinez, who evaded police till Tuesday, is the last fugitive to be booked, the release said.

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