Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBI to Hold Security Training at Levi's Stadium Ahead of Super Bowl 50

The FBI along with several other law enforcement agencies was scheduled to conduct security training at Levi's Stadium on Tuesday.

The training exercise, slated to be the first ahead of Super Bowl 50 in February, was to be held from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Santa Clara stadium.

"It takes the coordination in the event something happens," said Rick Smith, a former FBI agent. "Every time there's a major event there's a problem with radio."

Officials said the training exercise was planned before the terrorist attacks in Paris and the timing of it is a coincidence.

Smith said it is not unusual to have several training exercises like the one scheduled for Tuesday. He added that the training will draw more attention in light of the deadly attacks in Paris.

"I think it should rattle some nerves," Smith said. "Frankly, this is a game changer what happened Friday night in Paris."

The training will involve SWAT team members, bomb and hazardous materials units and medical personnel. More than 100 people will participate along with helicopters overhead, officials said.

The FBI initially planned to open the exercise to the media but later said it would be closed out of concern for public safety and security.

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