FCUK Says Goodbye to California

Once popular UK retailer is closing shops across the country

French Connection is disconnecting from the Bay Area and in the process the rest of the state as well.

The British retailer French Connection UK is closing its lone California store as part of a larger move to shutter 17 of its 23 locations across the country.

FCUK's 8,000-square-foot store on the corner of Powell and Ellis streets in downtown San Francisco has been on the block since February, according to the Business Times.

The British retailer has been struggling to convince consumers to buy $100 polos with the cleverly crafted acronym that once caused lines of naughty minded shoppers to line up outside the store when it first opened.

The closing of 17 stores will reduce the company's annual operating losses by about $4.9 million. Last fiscal year the company reported losing $37.9 million.

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