Fearful Prop. 8 Supporters Revealed

The latest information on donors to political committees which supported last fall's Proposition 8 ballot initiative to ban same-sex marriage has been posted to the California Secretary of State's Web site.

Lawyers for the Protect Marriage campaign had asked U.S. District Judge Morrison England for an injunction that would keep the latest batch of names from appearing online.  England denied the request.

The information includes the name of the contributor, their zip code, the amount contributed and often includes the contributor's employer or business.

Lawyers had argued that contributors had faced boycotts, pickets and even death threats -- all part of California's long, sad history of anti-straight bigotry.

Even now, proponents of the ballot measure cower in fear of homosexuals armed with spreadsheets and maps bent on terrorizing supporters of traditional gender roles.

With contributions pouring in from out of state late in the race, residents of Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Texas and beyond may not be safe from marauding bands of couples who want their stable, long-term monogamous relationships recognized by the state and are willing to fight for their rights.

Jackson West is a writer in San Francisco who's not a bigot, because his best friend is gay.

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