Fed-Ex Delivery Worker Caught on Camera Flinging Package in Campbell

Yet another delivery worker was caught on camera flinging a package toward a home in the Bay Area.

In the Dec. 4 incident, a Fed-Ex worker is seen in the home security video hurling a package toward the front porch of a home in Campbell, and the box first deflects off the roof before hitting the ground. The worker then is seen picking up the package and placing it on the porch.

The homeowner said the package contained makeup from Nordstrom, and nothing was damaged.

Last week, a delivery man in Dublin was captured on security video flinging an Amazon package about 15 yards onto a porch. Fortunately, the Chistmas gift was not damaged, but Amazon said that delivery worker is no longer employed by the company.

In the Campbell incident, Fed-Ex offered an apology and said it would talk to the delivery man.

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