Federal Judge Critical of PG&E's Efforts to Fulfill Federal Sentence

A federal judge Tuesday criticized Pacific Gas and Electric Company's efforts to complete court-ordered community service.

In January, as part of a sentence on gas safety and obstruction charges, PG&E was ordered to complete more than 2,000 hours of community service per year -- for five years.

Last month, the utility's CEO, along with dozens of workers and managers, spent half a day beautifying a San Bruno elementary school. But Judge William Alsup said that 300-plus hour community service effort was "far short" of the 2,000 hour threshold.

"We've got to step it up," Judge Alsup warned the company's lawyers on Tuesday.

So far, the company has run more than 13,000 television ads about its conviction, paid a $3 million fine and issued a formal apology for the 2010 San Bruno gas explosion.

Alsup has now ordered PG&E to give him a full accounting of its community service plans by next month.

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