San Jose

Feds, Police Boost Bay Area Security for Super Bowl Sunday

Thousands of federal agents and police officers are in the Bay Area from across the country to make Sunday's Super Bowl experience a safe one.

In San Jose, about 30 teams of handlers and K-9s arrived at Valley Transportation Authority headquarters Thursday for a briefing and orientation of the South Bay transit system. Handlers drove the K-9s in from Atlanta, Seattle and Southern California.

"We have K-9 teams, mostly bomb-detecting dogs that came in from all over the country to augment our security for the Super Bowl," VTA spokeswoman Stacey Hendler said.

Hendler said almost every train in VTA's fleet will be working overtime and long hours on Super Bowl Sunday.

The boosted security measures for the big game are visible all over the Bay Area.

No agency, citing security reasons, will confirm the exact number of additional police officers in the region this week, but said the amount is in the thousands.

At Bay Area airports, the Department of Homeland Security is adding emphasis to its so-called behavioral detection officers, agents who will be looking for the smallest hints in someone's mannerisms to determine if any pose a security threat.

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