Redwood City

“Felt a Huge Jolt:” 3.1-M Earthquake Strikes Near Redwood City Followed by Second Quake

Two earthquakes hit near Redwood City on Friday morning, with the earlier one waking many people up from bed.

The first one, a 3.1-magnitude quake struck at 3:44 a.m. about two miles south of Redwood City. The second one, a 2.5-magnitude quake, was reported about 7 a.m.

Many people tweeted NBC Bay Area and anchor Janelle Wang, who also felt the quake about the first earthquake.

"Popped right out of bed, "@JaimeMichelle45 tweeted.

"Felt a huge jolt," @ElainQDLC tweeted. "Woke me from a deep sleep."

"My whole bed shook," tweeted @Mnicolebrooks. "I'm in Menlo Park."

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