Female UC Berkeley Student Says Male Student Assaulted Her

A female University of California at Berkeley student testified Thursday that a male student continued to sexually assault her after she told him to stop at a fraternity two years ago.

The woman, who's a junior at the university, said Finn Wolff "told me 'don't be a pussy' after I told him he was hurting me" in the alleged assault at a fraternity house in the 2400 block of Warring Street on Nov. 3, 2017.

Speaking in a soft voice, the woman said, "He (Wolff) didn't care about what I wanted to do."

The woman's testimony came in the second day of a preliminary hearing for Wolff, 20, on eight felony counts alleging that he sexually assaulted her in 2017 as well as a second female student in the 2300 block of Warring Street on March 14 and 15 of this year.

Wolff, who's from Salt Lake City, Utah, and was a member of the Psi Kappa Psi fraternity until it expelled him last December, is charged with three counts of forcible rape, two counts of sexual penetration by a foreign object and one count of forcible oral copulation for the case on Nov. 3, 2017, with the first victim, who's known in court documents as Jane Doe 1.

Wolff is charged with sexual battery by restraint and forcible copulation for the case with the second victim, known as Jane Doe 2, on March 14 and 15 of this year.

Jane Doe 1 testified on Wednesday and Thursday and Jane Doe 2 will testify on Monday, when Wolff's hearing resumes. The purpose of the hearing is to determine if there's enough evidence to have Wolff ordered to stand trial.

Berkeley police Officer Jesse Grant wrote in a probable cause statement that Wolff held down Jane Doe 1 while he digitally penetrated her, orally copulated her and raped her.

Grant also alleged that Wolff bit her multiple times during the alleged assault.

Jane Doe 1 suffered bruising on parts of her body and at least one bite broke her skin, the officer wrote.

In the March case, Wolff backed Jane Doe 2 into a balcony railing and forced her to kiss him. After the woman made several attempts to push Wolff away, he punched her in the eye and ribs, causing her to suffer minor injuries, Grant wrote.

Grant alleged that Wolff forced Jane Doe 2's head down to his genitals and forced her to orally copulate him "out of fear."

The woman was then able to run to safety, Grant wrote.

Wolff was arrested at his apartment in the 2300 block of Warring Street on May 14, but was released from custody on June 4 when his father wrote a $750,000 check to post bail for him.

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