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Ferrari Catches Fire, Rolls Away On Its Own From Gas Station in Martinez

A Ferrari owner was filling up his red sports car when it lit on fire and seemed to roll away from a Martinez gas station all on its own.

"As far-fetched as that may sound" that's what happened, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District Battalion Chief Mike Eglite said. It's "almost like a scene out of Back to the Future."

Ferrari owner Al Cui said that he was filling up the gas tank on Sunday about 7 p.m.  at the Chevron gas station at 1250 Morello Avenue,  when his Ferrari caught on fire for a reason he couldn't immediately explain.

The sports car then rolled into the street landing nose first into a street median where firefighters doused the flames.

Despite his car wreckage, Cui was looking at the bright side.

"Luckily I had it in gear," Cui said. "I think the fire got hot enough it must have popped something in place. And the car ended up rolling into the street. Thank God. As you can it would have flamed up this gas station and it could have been an ugly scene."

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