Finally a Reason to Like Lawyers: Free Cabs Tonight

East Bay law firm offers to pay for cab rides tonight

Now that we've taught you how to be like the patron saint that St. Patty's Day gets its name from, and taught you how to break up a bar room brawl, we have another tip to make you a hero tonight.

Instead of struggling to remember who the designated driver was/is when you and your friends are getting liquored up, just remember to print out this story before hand and get yourself a free cab ride home tonight.

Berg Injury Lawyers are nice enough to present the Safe and Sober Free Ride Home for St. Patrick’s Day event. Last year the law firm paid for 124 free cab rides from bars to homes in Alameda, Oakland and Berkeley. The program ran for 12 hours beginning at 3 p.m. until 3 a.m.

To get a cab simply call Luxor Cab in San Francisco at 415-282-4141. Or in Oakland, Berkeley and Alameda call Veterans Cab at 800-281-4488.

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