“Find My Husband a Job”

Wife launches Web site for husband's job search

Frustration is forcing many in today's economy to re-tool their resumes, go back to school or take a lower-paying job just make ends meet.

Turning to the Internet is not a new outlet for finding a job. Some sites even charge big bucks to offer leads to the highest-paying jobs.

Now a Bay Area woman is using the 'Net to go to work for her husband -- finding him a job.

Michael Stearns has a Master's Degree and plenty of professional experience in product marketing but he can't seem to find a job. After nearly a year of looking for full-time employment, Stearns and his wife launched their own marketing plan.

Stearns' wife, Robin, started My Husband Needs a Job.com to spread the word and hopefully, well, find her husband a job.

Mike's resume and job experience are on the site and he started a blog to chronicle his hunt.

So far, the site has generated a lot of buzz in the media and a few leads for Mike.

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