Find This Guy a Wife, Get $10K

He designed a dating website for one that comes with a $10,000 bounty

Think of it as a digital version of the bachelor, except at the end of the show the guy not only gets married, but you pocket $10,000.

There is of course a huge catch to you cashing in your check: You have to find Chas McFeely a wife.

The San Francisco resident is 40 and still single and he really wants to make this next year the “year of doing.”

That involves him getting married and along with some friends, a photographer and a lawyer, McFeely thought it would be a good idea to put up a dating website where he is the only eligible bachelor available. is all about Chas McFeely and it is all about getting Chas McFeely hitched. There are several photographs of Chas in various poses, so you know what you are getting in to.

How does it work? It's simple.

Introduce Chas to a woman he falls in love with, and eventually marries, and you will get paid $10,000. His lawyer wants McFeely to say "the money will go to the person who actually contacts me about their friend."

So for example, if someone posts about McFeely's search on his or her Facebook page and someone else finds it and introduces Mr. McFeely to the future Mrs. McFeely, the person who did the introducing gets the $10,000 and not the person who posted the website as a Facebook status update. Make sense?

Those who want in on the competition better get in early and often. He says his inbox is already full.

The site was created in the first week of March and already McFeely has received messages from "sisters, mothers, BFFs, coworkers, cousins and neighbors" and even a 92-year-old friend of McFeely's grandmother.

For your chance at thousands and McFeely's chance of love, simply email hello [at] with an introduction of your friend, and a photo if you feel "inclined."

Good luck to you and Chas.

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