Fire Breathing Belly Dancers and a 6 Course Meal

SF eaters treated to rare dinner

What do you get when you fill a room with Michelin rated chefs from around the world and 200 people laying in Roman style beds? You get the Supperclub's first Uber Dinner of course.

In the first of a series of special culinary events, Supperclub San Francisco, an Amsterdam based international hospitality and entertainment company, hosted its first Uber Dinner in San Francisco.

The evening featured world class chefs, including Jacques Pourcel and Alain Caron from France, Ron Blaauw from the Netherlands, and Elizabeth Falkner from the United States joined Supperclub's Executive Chef Guus Wickenhagen, who amazed the crowd with a six course meal that included a hamma hamma oyster salad with oyster foam, baby squid in a garlic aspic with tomato pineapple sorbet, sweet potato pudding with wild mushrooms and roasted langoustine with gnocchi and creamed black kale

The guests dined while reclining on Supperclub's roman-style beds while sipping on Limoux wines from France.

But a six course meal and fancy Lazy Boys were not enough. But of course there was entertainment as well. Nothing too out of the ordinary just an operatic aria, a fire-breathing belly dancer and a gravity-defying aerialist that hovered over the eaters. Wait you want more? Okay how about this. The guests were also treated to  massages from professional therapists.

Don't worry if you missed out. Supperclub is planning to host more Uber Dinners in the future with a little extra spice.

"Since opening three years ago in San Francisco, Supperclub has been dedicated to presenting many different and exciting types of art, including culinary arts, performing arts, fine art, music, and healing arts," said Supperclub General Manager Edme Straver. "Our uber dinners will continue that tradition by inviting other accomplished culinary artists to come and create special evenings of delicious surprises for our guests."

For more information about Supperclub and there next Uber Dinner visit their Web site

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