Fire Crews Rescue Homeless People Trapped By Rising Flood Waters in San Jose

Several homeless people were rescued after being trapped by rising flood waters in the South Bay.

The swift water rescue team from the San Jose Fire Department trekked across what was once a parking lot at San Jose Municipal Golf Course to save a homeless man. Two hours earlier, the same rescue crew was saving lives upstream.

In that Monday morning rescue it was two homeless people trapped on an what appeared to be an island after water started to rise in the area.

"It shouldn't have surprised anyone," San Jose Fire Capt. Mitch Matlow said of the rising flood waters. "We've been doing public outreach along with a lot of public agencies."

The couple rescued Monday morning had to be decontaminated before being placed in an ambulance because crews said the water is full of garbage, oils and other contaminants.

Coyote Creek is rising because a spillway at the Anderson Dam in Morgan Hill has been dropping water nonstop after the reservoir exceeded its max capacity over the weekend.

The water now flows downstream. Officials worry things will only get worse, even after the rain stops.

"The heaviest water coming from Anderson won't occur until (Tuesday) morning," Matlow said. "So midday to the afternoon (Tuesday) is when San Jose is going to see peak water flow and high levels in this area."

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