8 Homes Destroyed After Grass Fire Rips Through Mobile Home Park in Sacramento County

A fast-moving grass fire ripped through a Sacramento County mobile home park Thursday afternoon, destroying eight homes and prompting evacuations in the area.

The fire erupted at 4:15 p.m. in Isleton, north of Antioch and east of Fairfield.

Officials said 15-to-20 mph winds fueled the blaze, which started out as a roadside grass fire and quickly spread to the Korth's Pirates Lair Resort and marina.

"Pretty soon the eucalyptus trees went off like match heads," said Don Shanks, who lives in the area. "It started raining fire. We just had to get out of there."

Seven families were displaced after the fire stormed the mobile home park, which has been in the area since the 1930s.

"We had a lot of antiques, a lot of valuable stuff," resident Mel Gann said. "It's gone."

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