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Firefighters Brace for New Blazes Amid Hot, Dry Conditions

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The latest Bay Area heat wave is causing concern for firefighters, especially with so much of the region's terrain dried up by the drought.

Cal Fire said conditions are dangerous.

"The fuel is extremely dry right now – and by fuel I mean the vegetation," Cal Fire spokeswoman Chelsea Burkett said. "The likelihood for a fire to start is increased because of the drought-like conditions we have."

Cal Fire said it is fully staffed and equipped for this heat wave.

A few weeks ago, firefighters were going through drills, including hauling 50-pound backpacks, to get ready for the extreme heat.

"The most important part of being acclimated is the fact you’re able to do arduous work and continue to do it without getting heat exhaustion or heat cramps or sometimes heat stroke," Capt. Carlos Alcantar said.

Cal Fire is also keeping an eye on the big fire picture statewide, saying it is ready to assist other regions if a major wildfire breaks out while maintaining staffing in the Bay Area.

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