South Bay

Firefighters, Police Schedule Special Patrols for Fourth of July Fireworks

Fireworks are now on sale in Gilroy to generate much-needed funds for 16 non-profit groups, including many that deal with at-risk youth.

The fireworks sales are also setting off a string of concerns throughout the South Bay.

Dennis Johnsen, a Santa Clara County Fire Department inspector, is concerned many people don't know the difference between "safe and sane" fireworks and other dangerous, illegal fireworks.

Gilroy residents through the holiday weekend will be able to purchase safe and sane fireworks and set them off in designated areas, including home driveways.

Johnsen said surrounding police agencies, such as the San Jose Police Department, are on the lookout for anybody bringing in any type of fireworks.

The start of fireworks sales also kicks off special patrols by fire departments and law enforcement agencies.

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