T.I.'s Newest Treasure

Want a reason to visit Treasure Island? You got it.

One of the most talked about art pieces at last year's Burning Man has found a new home on Treasure Island.

The 40-foot-tall sculpture of a naked woman dancing on one leg is titled Bliss Dance.  It weighs 7,000 pounds and is made up of 55,000 individual welds.

Its creator Marco Cochrane says its the largest female nude figure in the world.

Cochrane built Bliss on T.I. in time for the Black Rock City festival last fall where it was one of the most popular pieces on display.  See photo below.

"When I first got here (to Black Rock City) in 2007, I felt like there needed to be more feminity," Cochrane said at Burning Man 2010, so he did something about it and the result was Bliss.

Now, the City of San Francisco has commissioned Cochrane to install the statue on Treasure Island. It will be the first piece of public art on the island since the 1940s when T.I. hosted the World’s Fair.

Bliss is being installed this week and will be on display until October. Treasure Island is pretty flat so it is hard to miss. They will be putting in lights next week, which will make it a vision day and night through the summer.

Here's an example of Bliss at Burning Man
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