First Bitcoin Fair Coming to San Francisco

Not the best day for Bitcoin, but the fair is coming to San Francisco regardless.

Digital currency is here to stay -- and the first Bitcoin Fair is coming to San Francisco.

Those curious about the crypto-currency and how to use it are enjoined to come on down to Ramen Underground restaurant in Japantown on Feb. 6, according to reports.

And yes, the restaurant will accept payment for dinner -- and drinks -- via Bitcoin, according to event organizer QuickCoin.

Neophytes and executives alike will rub elbows with venture capitalists and angel investors at the event, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

The event is free but attendees are encouraged to sign up. And possibly discuss ways to avoid Charlie Shrem's fate, as the 24-year old Bitcoin executive was arrested Monday for his alleged role in the Bitcoin-powered Silk Road drug trafficking ring.

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