First Look: Inside Square's New HQ

Exclusive 1-on-1 with CEO Jack Dorsey

"This building wasn't designed for humans to work in."

That's Square CEO Jack Dorsey, walking us through the expansive new headquarters his company has just moved into. Since doubling in size over the past year, Square has outgrown its old digs inside the SF Chronicle building; Now, it's taking several floors inside the B of A building on Market street - you know, the one next to Twitter's HQ.

[PHOTOS] Inside Square's new headquarters

The place is long; Designer Maja Henderson says it's modeled after a big city: Thoroughfare down the middle, with lots of meeting spaces off to the sides. Also, this being Square's place, there's a coffeeshop in the middle, complete with its own Square register.

Square, with its card reader and mobile app, has made it easier to buy things, and Dorsey is famous for espousing design and simplicity.

The new HQ has lots of both.

Yes, everyone gets a desk here, but they're encouraged to move around and work elsewhere (life in the coffeeshop), so they'll be more likely to collaborate.

"We took a lot of great pains" said Dorsey. "to create something people would be inspired by."

And how convenient for Square and Twitter to be right across the street from each other?

That may be Dorsey's work - he's still active in both, one about to go public, and the other still hot on techies' list for place they'd most like to work.

It may also signal a new hotspot for the tech industry.

Move aside, Silicon Valley, there's a new launchpad in town. And it starts at a single street corner.

Scott, trying to please everyone, buys coffee with Square, and is on Twitter: @scottbudman

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