Fishing, Kayaking and Ocean Fun for Kids

These activities are low-impact on your wallet and will give your little ones a different appreciation of the ocean.


If your kids love watching Little Nemo, beg you to take them to the Monterey Bay Aquarium or can’t resist splashing around at the beach, they’re ready to get their feet wet in more ways than one. Of course it’d be great to spend our days underwater like Jacques Cousteau but for kids’ sake, it’s not super convenient. That’s why these activities, while remaining low-impact for your wallet, will give your little ones a different appreciation of the ocean – and maybe widen their food horizon.

Kayak with the Kids
Paddling along the San Francisco Bay or the Monterey, your kids will see up-close what they can only see on Discovery Channel: sea harbors scratching their itches, pelicans diving for fish from the sky or sea otters grooming their fur while resting on their backs. Seeing marine wildlife actually living in front of your eyes is a story to remember for years to come and kids will love it. All you need to do is rent an open-top kayak (no experience necessary) and paddle out for a couple hours with the kids sitting at the front, their hands free to “oooh” and “aaah” while you steer.

Based out of Sausalito, Sea Trek has no minimum age, provide instructions on safe kayaking with kids and gear you up with snug life jackets for the whole family. Trips offered at their Sausalito waterfront base as well as around Angel Island or Tomales Bay.

Sea Trek Ocean Kayaking Center
Schoonmaker Point Marina
85 Libertyship Way
Sausalito, Ca

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