San Francisco

Fliers Promoting KKK Surface in SF Neighborhood

Fliers promoting the Ku Klux Klan surfaced in a San Francisco neighborhood Tuesday, and some residents were a bit shaken up by the hate-filled message they contained.

Mahsa Ashabi said she was stunned to find the flier on her apartment stairs on Haight Street.

"I found a flier for the KKK, saying come join us and saying a lot of terrible things about black people and the Black Lives Matter movement," Ashabi said. "No matter how racist or ignorant your beliefs, you're allowed to have them, but don't bring them to this neighborhood; not going to be recieved well."

Ashabi shared the flier and her outrage on social media. But she didn't call police.

At Tuesday night's park district community meeting Capt. John Sanford encouraged people to report the fliers so police can investigate.

"Essentially, our special investigations unit would see if there is a hate-crime individual or group forming to do any form of illegal activity," Sanford said.

Sanford said at last check the Haight is the only San Francisco neighborhood where the flier surfaced.

Ashabi is hoping whoever left it is gone.

"There's a line to saying it's free speech," she said. "Well, no; you're trying to hurt and smear people who live in this neighborhood, in this city, and that's not OK."

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