Fliers Recruiting For the KKK Found in Suisun City Neighborhood

Residents of a Suisun City neighborhood were on edge Sunday after the discovery of fliers urging people to join the Ku Klux Klan.

Neighbors on Mayfield Circle said they found the first flier Saturday on the sidewalk in a bag of rice. It contained a message to join the KKK, with contact information in North Carolina.

Two more fliers were found in the street Sunday, and police later gathered more than a dozen of the fliers in two locations. Police said they are taking the discovery seriously and investigating it.

Some residents didn’t believe they were real at first and say it's disturbing in such a diverse city. One woman who came to vist her mother opened one of the fliers outside of the house.

"Shock and very disturbing," said Lana Shipton, describing her reaction. "I mean, we need to move forward in our country, not backwards in our country."

Suisun City Mayor Pete Sanchez said he was stunned and disgusted with the flier.

"You would think that this only happens in certain states in the country where there is still this old feeling about the fact people feel they are more superior to anyone else," he said. "This is sad. It's actually sickening."

The mayor said he couldn't recall anything similar happening before and hoped it was a twisted hoax.

Anyone who has information about who distributed the fliers and how should call police.

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