Contestants Flip a Table at Competitive Event

Move over, Teresa Giudice, there's about to be a new table-flipping champion in town.

The Flip-Off contest, which will be held March 6 at The Lab in San Francisco, will judge 15 competitors based on the quality of how they flip a table over as a string quartet plays. Drama, tantrums and other assorted histrionics are prized qualities.

"We've all seen TV shows or movies where a character leaves a scene by flipping a table, and we've all fantasized about making an exit that badass," writes organizer Mustafa Khan on the event's website.

"You won’t find a dance floor, a DJ, or the Dolores Park robot at the Flip-Off," SFGate erroneously reported; Robot Dance Party, colloquially known as the "Dolores Park robot," will in fact be one of the judges.

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