Flower Interruption Artist Unveils ‘Summer of Rage and Resistance’ Exhibit in San Francisco

Known for her psychedelic and cheery exhibitions, Flower Interruption artist Megan Wilson just unveiled another exhibit she is hoping will stir a different reaction from onlookers.

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Megan Wilson
Megan Wilson
From Bali, Indonesia, to Jaipur, India, Megan Wilson's Flower Interruption project has exploded in cities around the world. Wilson is pictured finishing an exhibit in Bali, Indonesia.
Megan Wilson
The flowers often decorate people's daily commute through heavy-traffic areas. The Flower Interruption project is on display in Jaipur, India on local motorcycles.
Megan Wilson
She says the project is intended to interrupt people's daily lives for a moment bursting of color. Flower Interruption artist Megan Wilson's exhibit in Jogjakarta, Indonesia.
Megan Wilson
Wilson's larger-than-life murals have gained attention for their bright colors and symbolism over the past 15 years. The Flower Interruption project displayed in San Francisco.
Megan Wilson
Megan Wilson
Rebecca Greenway
Flower Interruption artist Megan Wilson paints her 10,000th flower at the Asian Art Museum's "Flower Power" exhibition in San Francisco.
Megan Wilson
She hopes her most recent exhibit will stir a different reaction. The Flower Interruption project's 10,000th flower is displayed outside of the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco
Megan Wilson
The artists' newest exhibit, "Summer of Love to Summer of Rage & Resistance" debuted this weekend at the Artists' Television Access in San Francisco. (September 4, 2017)
Megan Wilson
She hopes it will start a different conversation about where the city has come since the infamous summer 50 years ago. (September 4, 2017)
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