Follow Your Favorite Executive Twitter-Style

The Twitter nation just keeps expanding. It's at the point now where it's hard to even keep up with the services that have popped up that cater to twitterers.

One of the newest ones we've found lets you identify and follow all the executives of the biggest companies.

"" recently started with the slogan "Because it's everybody's business" lining the top of the page.

It lets people who love Twitter follow Richard Branson's tweets - or explore their favorite companies by industry.

People can follow company leaders in the healthcare, media, technology and a host of others.

You can even recommend an executive that you like - or check out links to interviews with some of the best ones - or articles about their companies.

People who sign up for ExecTweets also can get their social media fix by upvoting the executive tweets that they think are particularly impressive.

Will any of this help make Twitter a profitable business? Now that's the question that executives everywhere want the answer to.

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