Food Bank Gets Coffee — Like, a Lot of It

4-ton Shipment of Coffee Diverted to Local Food Bank

The Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano just got a big donation.

Not of tuna fish or green beans or peanut butter. The shelves at the food bank are now stocked with nearly four tons of Starbucks coffee beans.

Lisa Sherrill, the food bank's community relations manager tells the Contra Costa Times, a normally routine Wednesday turned crazy this week when a delivery truck arrived with 7,600 pounds of coffee on board. The truck was heading to grocery stores in Nevada, when the order was canceled. The delivery was diverted to the food bank, because it was the closest destination.

And while the workers are thrilled to have so much coffee on hand, the real beneficiaries will be the agencies to which the food bank distributes its donations.

"Rescue centers, help centers, homeless shelters. Agencies of that nature who rely on contributions really are the ones who benefit the most from this," Sherrill said. "Obviously, when times are difficult, that's when contributions are the most important."

It's not clear exactly why those Nevada grocery stores canceled their order, but the people of Contra Costa and Solano counties will now have their caffeine fix for months.

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