SF’s Top 10 New Eateries of the Year

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On Thursday, Patricia Unterman dropped her list of the best newcomers, and Monday, San Francisco Chronicle Food Critic Michael Bauer did the same.

On the list of 10 are all the year's three-star (and up) newcomers, and plus one 2.5-star eatery. Here's the list, with Unterman overlap denoted by an asterisk and the review/rating in parenthesis.

1. Adesso (three stars)
2. Bottega (three stars)
3. Flour + Water (three stars)*
4. Neela's (three stars)
5. Nopalito (three stars)*
6. Osteria Stellina (three stars)
7. Quince (3.5 stars)*
8. RN74 (three stars)
9. Tipsy Pig (2.5 stars)
10. Wexler's (three stars)*

Congrats to all. Just to have some fun with comparisons, let's examine the other 2.5-star restaurants, which were presumably the main competition for Tipsy Pig in getting that last slot.

By our count, here are the year's other newcomers that notched 2.5 stars along with Tipsy Pig: Commis, Starbelly, Sakoon, Tony's Pizza, Five, Plant Cafe, Tavern at Lark Creek, Pican, Midi, Artisan Bistro, Contigo, Heaven's Dog, Ozumo Oakland and Dosa on Fillmore.


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