Former Allies Badmouth San Francisco's Mayor

Name-calling ex-staffers vent about Gavin Newsom

"The critique of me is that I come up with so many new ideas, people sometimes get a little bit blurry-eyed," repeats San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom in self-assesment.

Others, including people who worked closely with the mayor for years, are not so kind in a thorough profile of the mayor in the San Francisco Weekly.

Two even resorted to vulgarities. Regarding the departure of longtime Newsom guru Eric Jaye from the gubernatorial campaign team, former mayoral campaign staff John Stanley didn't mince words:

He had talented people like Eric Jaye holding his shit together, and [Jaye] gets no gratitude for it. Newsom dealt with Jaye like a piece of toilet paper.

Earlier, political fixer Jack Davis felt Newsom went back on his word, and questioned the mayor's character.

"I don't think you're gonna find [California Attorney General] Jerry Brown f--king somebody else's wife," Davis said, alluding to a months-long affair between Newsom and Ruby Rippey-Tourk, the wife of Newsom's (former) friend and colleague Alex Tourk.

Jaye himself gives credence to rumors that Newsom's recent public statements about Rippey-Tourk played a role in his decision to leave the campaign.

Newsom has since apologized for the vague statements about the affair that seemed calculated to call into question Rippey-Tourk's character.

Jackson West loves it when sources swear on the record, and misses John Burton.

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