Former PUC Worker To Receive $350k After Manager Sent Her Pornographic DVD

Massive payout for ugly sexual harassment case.

A former worker at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is set to receive a $350,000 payout after she received a pornographic DVD from her boss of him masturbating, and other alleged sexual harassment, according to reports.

Paulette Adams-Irving quit her job at the PUC's Sunol Water Treatment Plant after she received "constant sexual harassment" on the job from her "all-male" co-workers and supervisors, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

She received a DVD from her boss of him masturbating, and her boss asked him to have sex with her and also demanded oral sex, and threatened to mark her "AWOL" from work "when she refused," the newspaper reported.

She also observed a male employee "watching pornography on work computers," and was "threatened and retaliated against for complaining," the newspaper reported.

The workers named in the lawsuit no longer work at the PUC, according to the newspaper.

Two months ago, two PUC workers were fired and 15 others disciplined for watching porn on work computers and also gambling online during work hours.

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