Foster City Intruder Possibly Drunk, Entered Wrong House

Apparently drunk man shot three times after entering a house he may have thought was a drinking buddy's.

The San Mateo man who was shot three times during a reported break-in at a Foster City home this weekend may have been too drunk to know he was walking into the wrong house, according to police.

People who live in the house on Crane Avenue called 911 around 4:30 a.m. Sunday to report someone was trying to break in. As officers arrived they said they heard gunshots.

Inside the home they found the intruder had been shot three times. That unidentified man was in ICU Monday.

Foster City police said due to his medical condition, detectives have yet to be able to interview him.

They said based upon interviews with the man's friends, they think he may been entered the wrong house by mistake thinking it was one of his friends he had just spent the night drinking with.

"Based upon interviews that have been conducted with friends with whom he had been drinking earlier that night, it is apparent he was intoxicated and there is a distinct possibility that he may have inadvertently entered the wrong residence, believing it to belong to one of his companions that evening," the Foster City press release read.

When asked if the homeowner would face charges, police said they would complete their investigation of what happened Sunday morning and then forward that report to the district attorney's office.

It will be up to the D.A. whether or not to file any charges.

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