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Foundation Launches Fund for Santa Cruz County Wildfire Evacuees

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The devastation from wildfires is being met with resilience as many come together to help the evacuees.

The Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County has launched a fund to help evacuees with all of their needs, including shelter and food.

Gas cards also were provided to those looking to travel to stay with family members due to COVID-19 concerns in shelters.

Susan True, who works with the foundation, says nearly one in four people in the community is being impacted by the fires.

"I have to say, this is really overwhelming," she said. "You're seeing evacuees volunteer and give money, really rally. Neighbors helping neighbors."

So far, the foundation has given grants to the local volunteer center, which is where people can sign up to help in the shelters.

It also has given money to the local Davenport Resource Center, which is helping fire victims.

Donations are accepted directly to the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County online.

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