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Four Mountain Lion Sightings Reported in San Francisco and Presidio

Four mountain lion sightings have been reported in the San Francisco area since June 30.

A joint press release from the Presidio Trust, the National Park Service and San Francisco Animal Care and Control said three of the sightings were made by members of the public, while one of the sightings was captured by a neighborhood security camera. Authorities believe the recent sightings are of the same mountain lion.

The animal was last seen on Friday, July 3, in southwest San Francisco near Lake Merced.

The mountain lion also was spotted on the 1000 block of Gough Street on July 1. Additional sightings were reported in Sea Cliff and in the western Presidio, with both incidents occurring on June 30.

Officials said the animal appears to be moving south.

Mountain lion sightings regularly occur throughout undeveloped areas of Marin and San Mateo, but not in San Francisco, according to officials.

In May, officials captured a mountain lion on the loose in San Mateo.

In April, a San Mateo County Alert System notified residents that a mountain lion was located in a driveway in Portola Valley. A week earlier, an NBC Bay Area viewer captured a photo of another mountain lion spotted eating deer near the Santa Cruz mountains.

The Presidio Trust, National Park Service and San Francisco Animal Care and Control are reminding residents of the following mountain lion safety guidelines:

  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Do not approach the Mountain Lion.
  • Make noise.
  • Do not turn your back or run.
  • Appear as big and threatening as possible.
  • Give the Mountain Lion room to run away. Do not corner it.

If the Mountain Lion appears threatening:

  • Pull children close to you and pick them up without crouching down.
  • Throw rocks sticks, water bottles, backpacks, and any heavy objects available to you.
  • Speak loudly and firmly. Wave your arms and clap your hands above your head.
  • Fight back if attacked. Do not play dead or lie down.
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