Free iPhone App Promises to “Crack” You Up

We're not sure if this is another sign that the economy is in the crapper, literally, or if iPhone apps have just gotten way out of control.

Ze Frank shows off his new app

Maybe it's a little bit of both. But apparently some iPhone users are tapped out after spending $300 on their phone and then another $100 a month to keep it up and running. So tapped out in fact that they cannot spend 99 cents on the latest app to tell you where to eat.

One iPhone user, Ze Frank, may be the father of a whole new guerilla approach to creating apps for the cash strapped.

Half tongue in cheek, Frank created an app that required no coding, no money and no approval from Apple. But it helps users add an interesting element to their pictures for hours and hours of fun. He calls its iFingrU but he is open to suggestions for a better, maybe less offensive, name.

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