Freight Train Derails in Los Gatos

Busy Winchester Blvd blocked for 4+ hours

The saying you can't get there from here held true for people trying to drive on busy Winchester Blvd. in the South Bay.

A Union Pacific train derailed as it was crossing the street just south Highway 85.

The derail was in the middle of the road, which is about two blocks south of Netflix headquarters.

It took more than four hours for things to straighten out. Officers said the road was cleared at about 5:30 p.m. after the train was brought back on the track. The closure affected thousands of drivers.

Our chopper flew over the scene and showed the derailment appeared to happen just as the train was making the turn north, which is to the left. 

A spokeswoman for Union Pacific said two cars were off the tracks.

Union Pacific crews went  to Los Gatos to get the cars back on the track.

The track is only used by Union Pacific.  Amtrak does not use this particular track.

No injuries were reported, according to Union Pacific spokeswoman Zoe Richmond.

"All things considered this was a very, very minor derailment," said Richmond, who acknowledged the greatest impact of the train derailment was on the afternoon commute.

Crews remained in the area around 10 p.m., working on re-railing the train's second locomotive, according to Richmond.

Commuter trains were not affected by the derailment, Richmond said..

The trains that use this track go between the South Bay and Milpitas, according to Union Pacific.

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