Fremont Cat Mr. Nuts Makes Presidential Pick

A cat named Mr. Nuts has predicted the presidential election with his poop.

Sorry, Republicans: Mitt Romney won't win the election on Tuesday.
Mr. Nuts has spoken.
Nuts is a tuxedo cat who lives in Fremont. And he made his presidential pick in the purest of fashions: defecating in a litter box labeled with Romney's name.
The whole thing started as a joke over a football game - Steelers vs. Packers - two years ago. The cat's predictions were right that year. And the following Super Bowl, Mr. Nuts correctly picked - by pooping - that the New England Patriots would lose to the New York Giants.
The cat's owner, Michael Ostrofsky, decided what the heck? Why not let the cat pick the president, too.
So Ostrofsky set up two litter boxes, one on the left for President Barack Obama, and one on the right for the Republican nominee. Mr. Nuts chose the latter box in which to do his business; hence, Romney will lose the election.
Mr. Nuts lives with Michael Ostrofsky's parents, who own Five Pet Place, a "luxury cat furniture store" in Mission San Jose in Fremont.
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