Fremont Haunted House Poses Safety Scare

Some 2,000 people went through the Delaware Drive haunted house last year.

Fremont Haunted House

Halloween is supposed to be a scary holiday, but a Fremont teenager wasn't expecting his spook to come from city hall.

The city has ordered Chris Stelle to cease and desist all work on a backyard haunted house he was planning.

Stelle has been inviting youngster to come through his backyard since 2005. His family's Delaware Drive home is a favorite for hundreds of young people come Oct. 31.

Steele said this year was going to be the biggest "House of Horrors" yet. That is until the city came knocking. Officials say he need permits to do the kind of construction work he's undertaking to make his haunted house.  A planning engineer with Fremont told the Merc that its a matter of safety.

Fremont officials said they had no choice but to investigate after a neighbor brought it to their attention.

Steele said he isn't going down without a fight. He hopes to be able to work soemthing out with the city and set up the house in a nearby church parking lot. 

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