Fremont Man Told to Stop Being a Human Sperm Bank

FDA threatens Trent Arsenault with fines for his free service.

A Fremont man has been told to stop giving out his sperm for free or face fines.

The Food and Drug Administration is playing the role of the Gringe for many couples who have received sperm donations free of cost from Trent Arsenault.

The 36-year-old Fremont resident has fathered 14 children through sperm donations but the FDA says he doesn't adequately get tested for diseases such as HIV, hepatitis and chlamydia.

Arsenault uses his website to connect his sperm with need couples, often lesbian couples, and then he donates to them free of cosst.

But he has been classified as a professional "manufacturer of human cells" because he has fathered 14 children through his website appropriately named

On his website, the 6-foot-1 man of French, Irish and German descent has a list of latest medical reports, images from when he was a baby until today and more.

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