French Bulldog Stolen From in Front of Dog Walker's Home

A 5-month-old French Bulldog named Uni was dognapped from her dog walker’s car in West Oakland Wednesday. Uni was wearing a pink harness when she was taken.

“We’re shocked and kind of at a loss for words,” said Daniel Lee, the puppy’s owner, who put up fliers hoping someone will find her. Lee said Uni has a white diamond shape on the back of her neck.

Angie Reily, the dog walker, said that her car had been parked right outside her home on Campbell and 16th streets in West Oakland when the dog was stolen by someone driving a gold sedan with an oval-shaped tail end.

“I was dropping a dog off, my own dog in fact,” Reily said. “I heard a car door slam, so I ran outside to see what was happening…I was in total shock when I saw the dog gone.”

Lee and his partner Miranda Nghiem said they know that French Bulldogs can be a target for thieves, but they just want their dog back. They said they're willing to offer a substantial reward although they have not said for how much.

“It’s our first puppy and it’s more than her being expensive,” Nghiem said. “She has a personality and we got to know her for the last two months.”

Anyone with information about Uni’s whereabouts is asked to contact Oakland police, no questions asked.

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