Friend Remembers Vaccinated Woman Who Died From COVID-19 in Marin County

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A Marin County woman, who was fully vaccinated recently died from the coronavirus.

Now, Bay Area drummer Alex Aspinall is remembering his friend Donna D'Acuti. The singer passed away in the hospital Thursday after fighting COVID-19.

This was Marin County's first breakthrough infection death. The county said D'Acuti was over the age of 75.

Aspinall said the grandmother was full of life.

“She was an interesting person with a life experience. She was an emergency room nurse in San Francisco for many years. She was a realtor in Marin. She was also an incredible artist,” he said.

Tributes were pouring in on her band, Donna D +3's Facebook page on Friday.

Aspinall said that D'Acuti and three members of the band Bumpkin tested positive for COVID-19 after playing a gig at the No Name Bar in Sausalito on July 16. Everyone in the band was vaccinated.

“I heard after the gig some people there had said in passing, 'I have a cold,'” he said.

That same day, Bay Area counties issued an indoor mask advisory as the delta variant was beginning to spread.

UCSF infectious disease expert Dr. Peter Chin-Hong said at the time when D'Acuti got infected, vaccinated people still felt safe to go back indoors. Now, new indoor safety precautions are in place and coming.

“Ensuring everyone is vaccinated, ensuring that people wear a mask while not eating or drinking,” he said.

Aspinall said he didn't get infected. But he said he is no longer playing gigs inside. He is urging everyone to stay home when they are sick and to tell close contacts if they test positive.

Now, he is saying goodbye to a beloved member of his community.

“She's been a great friend to a lot of people. It's hard to realize Donna's not gonna be around anymore,” he said.

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