Frog and Turtle Ban Unfairly Targets Asians Say Pols

State ban on importing delicious amphibians challenged

George Kelly

A group of six state legislators challenged the recent California Fish and Game Commission ruling that would ban new permits for the import of live frogs and turtles.

The Fish and Game Commission is concerned about potentially invasive species disrupting native habitat, though the critics pointed out that animals sold for food already aren't allowed to leave the shop alive by regulators.

Further, the ban doesn't pertain to animals imported for sale as pets, which would seem to be much more of a potential ecological threat.

The newly bubbling cauldron of controversy over edible amphibians is just the latest in efforts to convince the public, chefs and regulators to crack down on eating meat.

Earlier this month, Save the Frogs said it had succeeding in convincing Gary Danko to pull frog legs from the menu at his eponymous restaurant. This Saturday, the Animal Protection and Rescue League will be in Napa protesting against the production, sale and preparation of foie gras at the world renowned French Laundry.

Jackson West figures with the wanton destruction of the Gulf Coast shoreline, the only turtles and frogs you'll be able to buy will probably have to be imported.

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