Russia-Ukraine Crisis

From the Gas Pump to the Grocery Store, Russia-Ukraine Crisis May Affect Your Wallet

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President Joe Biden called the Ukraine-Russia crisis an invasion, and as the situation develops, ramifications are being seen worldwide.

In the Bay Area, the immediate effects are likely to be felt in residents' wallets from the gas pump to the grocery store.

Gas prices in San Jose are almost $5 per gallon, and experts predict that price could jump by as much as a dollar if there's a full blown war in Ukraine.

"Prices were already high and if you add another source of pressure, which this definitely can be, it can cause energy prices and perhaps food prices to rise as well," explained San Jose State University Professor of Strategic Management, Robert Chapman Woods.

That's not exactly what consumers need at the moment.

"Russia is a source of gas, and that's not good for us - you know, the middle class - and you pay for it," said resident Laura Trujillo.

Even thought the fight might be half a world away, experts say the ripples locally will be big.

From higher prices for fuel, natural gas and even groceries to more potentially catastrophic effects like cyber warfare, waged on our power grid, water systems, banks and even hospital operations.

"The cyber war is a race between the good guys and the bad guys," said San Jose State University cyber security expert Ahmed Banafa.

Many believe Russia has been using Ukraine as a proving ground for cyber attacks.

Banafa explains the U.S. cyber defenses are strong, but a war in cyber space could mean any of us is a potential target.

"For us, if we see something suspicious, we're not sure about it - trust your judgement," he said. "And check before you click 'download.' If it looks phishy, it is phishy."

The Ukraine-Russia crisis is a potential war half a world away that could put your inbox on the front lines.

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