Fruity Fuel is Hit at SF Conference

Odd named tree less expensive source of bio-fuel

The buzz word at this week’s National Biodiesel Conference in San Francisco is "jatropha."

A Florida company called My Dream Fuel is using the oil found in the fruit seeds of the jatropha tree to produce bio-diesel.

Jatropha is different than other bio-fuel sources, like corn, because it doesn’t take away from our food supply.

It grows like a weed even in the worst of soils and doesn’t need to be replanted every year.  It also yields much more oil per acre: 1000 gallons vs. 50 gallons from other sources.

My Dream Fuel will sell you 100 trees for $5000.  It claims the tree can produce $16,000 to $21,000 in income over the lifetime of the trees.

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