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Frustration Mounts as Newly Eligible Try to Make Vaccine Appointments

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Frustration is mounting over the lack of COVID-19 vaccines.

On Thursday, Californians 50 and over became eligible to make vaccine appointments, but in most of the Bay Area, there are still no openings available.

Santa Clara County is still in a supply crisis, but things are looking up. More vaccines should be coming in over the next couple weeks as people scramble to make an appointment anywhere in the state.

Frustration is mounting over the lack of COVID-19 vaccines. Damian Trujillo reports.

Sabrina Lochner is one of the newly eligible who got up at midnight hoping to book her appointment.

"I actually stayed up and starting at midnight sat with my iPad. I have a computer with two screens and just started hitting every site that I knew," she said.

She had no luck.

"Why did they open it up if they don't have the vaccines?" she said.

Santa Clara County COVID-19 Vaccine Officer Dr. Martin Fenstersheib said the South Bay will receive almost 80,000 doses next week, excluding the Kaiser supply. That's compared to only 58,000 this week. More than two-thirds of those are for first doses, meaning new patients.

"We are told that the vaccine supply should increase by the middle or end of April and well into May for sure," Fenstersheib said.

Fenstersheib said he stands by his prediction that 85% of the county will be fully vaccinated by the middle of summer.

But Lochner wasn't sure she could wait.

"We’re all thinking about doing a day trip of just driving to Fresno to go and get it," she said. "But I also kind of feel guilty about that. I don’t want to take away a shot from somebody from their county when my own county should be taking care of me."

As it turns out, Lochner will not have to travel to Fresno after all. Because Santa Clara County reopened its appointments, she was able to book one close to home.

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