Future Driverless Car Engineers: Your Class is Online

The future will likely be full of driverless cars, whether you like it or not.

But, in order for the Ubers and Googles and Lyfts to roll autonomously, they’ll all need engineers to design and build them.

Enter: Udacity.

The Mountain View-based education company on Wednesday announced plans to put a class online that will teach engineer-types about careers in the self-driving car world.

Seem like a long shot?

Udacity President Sebastian Thrun says they have 250 slots – and 2,300 applicants, after one day.

“It’s kind of the hottest topic on the block right now,” he said.

Udacity will offer three classes, starting in October. Each will cost $800.

Now, get ready to study, and leave the driving to your algorithm.

Scott cruises on Twitter: @scottbudman

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