GameStop to Sell Own Android Tablet Next to iPads

GameStop is working on a branded Android tablet complete with a signature controller to sell alongside Apple mobile devices during the lucrative holiday season.

Just last week it was reported that GameStop will start selling Apple mobile devices in its stores, and GameStop also recently said it was working on an online gaming and digital download service, according to VentureBeat. GameStop acquired game-streaming Spawn Labs and online storefront Impulse earlier this year. So that means that GameStop has spend the last  six months radically changing its identity from videogame store to videogame empire.

GameStop spokeswoman Wendy Dominguez said that the Android tablets will come with "exclusive content" and the company is creating a controller for the devices, Reuters reported. The tablet will be available for the holiday season.

Will thousands buy their tablet computers from GameStop? I am a little skeptical (analysts are, too) but its not really about the tablets -- it's about selling a platform so GameStop can sell more games.

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