Gap Does About-Face on Angora After PETA Slap

Gap has halted ordering products made with angora after a hit from PETA

What's the voice of a thousand screaming rabbits sound like?

An end to angora imports at the Gap, for one.

The popular San Francisco-based clothing retailer has halted shipments of the rabbit-derived sweater material following pressure from PETA, which aired a "hard to watch" video of angora-"farming" techniques, according to the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Angora is a soft, cashmere-like fabric popular with sweaters. Other retailers have pulled their products following the PETA video, but Gap halted orders only after the clothing company was made the focus of PETA's media campaign, the newspaper reported.

Some 90 percent of the world's angora comes from China, where humane farming methods are not apparently widely practiced. In the video, angora is stripped from screaming rabbits' skin.

The animals are then tossed back into dirty cages in a wounded physical state that "closely resembles meat," the Guardian reported.


In the meantime, PETA is asking for consumers to stop buying angora entirely, as the "price paid by the animal" is simply "too high," the newspaper reported.

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