Get Out of the Bay Area for $25

Airlines offer cheap flights from Bay Area airports ahead of the holiday season


Want to get away? Southwest airlines is offering $25 on one-way tickets within 374 miles of Bay Area airports.

The special fares are good for travel between Dec. 2 through Dec. 16 and Jan. 5 through Feb. 10. If you need to travel further than Los Angeles, Southwest has a promo for that too.

The airline is offering $50 one-way tickets to destinations between 375 to 549 miles, $75 for one-way travel for destinations between 550 to 999 miles and $100 fares for trips more than 1,000 miles.

The irony is a one-way flight to Los Angeles will cost less than some airlines charge for a checked bag.

Southwest is not the only airline offering low fares ahead of the holiday season. Virgin America is offering $40 one-way flights from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Diego.

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