Get Ready for Another Tech IPO: Yelp in Range

Yelp ready to sell stock, $12-$14 a share.

We're almost ready to pop the cork on another Bay Area dot com IPO. Yelp just released its pricing range, which means it's very close to selling stock to the public.

The San Francisco company, which lets you rate businesses, filed to go public back in November of last year. Given that it's typically three to fourth months from filing the S-1 form to actually selling stock, Yelp is likely close to letting you buy a piece of the company.

The range: $12-$14 a share.  That doesn't necessarily mean you'll be able to buy stock for that money; it's a likely range that will eventually get updated to a single price.

If investor interest is truly hot and heavy, expect Yelp to sell at the top of the range or even a bit higher. If interest wanes, expect a bit lower. 

Either way, Yelp says it hopes to raise about $100 million by going public. Now, they just wait for the reviews to come in.

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